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Our Investment Products and Services

Legacy Money Market Fund

The Legacy Money Market Fund (LMMF) is a low risk, open-ended, Nigerian Naira-denominated mutual fund that invests in Money Market Instruments.

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Legacy Debt Fund

Legacy Debt Fund (LDF) is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in Money Market Instruments and short maturity bonds. It was acquired and restructured in July 2015.

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Legacy Equity Fund

Legacy Equity Fund (LEF) is an open-ended mutual fund that is benchmarked against the performance of the Nigerian Stock Exchange All Share Index (NSE Index) and targeted at both retail and institutional investors.

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Legacy USD Bond Fund

Legacy USD Bond Fund (LUBF) is a Securities & Exchange Commission registered US Dollar denominated Collective Investment Scheme, structured as a high-yield mutual fund.

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Structured Products

These are high-yield income products that cut across both local and foreign currencies and are targeted at both individual and institutional investors, designed to achieve a specific investment.

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Investment Advisory

We provide clients with investment advice, which covers both micro investment decisions on stock research and recommendation, and macro investment ones, such as portfolio construction and risk analysis.

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