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These are high-yield income products that cut across both local and foreign currencies and are targeted at both individual and institutional investors, designed to achieve a specific investment objective for the client


  • Minimum amount for NGN: N5Million 
  • Minimum amount for foreign currency: Usually US$500,000
  • Minimum holding period: Usually 180 days (for NGN) and As Agreed (for US Dollar and other foreign currencies)

An example is our US Dollar Fixed Income Solution

US Dollar Fixed Income Solution

We offer US dollar fixed-income solutions for individual and institutional clients. Such Products are tailored to clients' risk profiles, target returns, liquidity requirements and investment horizons. FCMB Asset Management US dollar solutions offer:


Portfolio construction

Matching clients risk profiles with expectations of US dollar returns. Deployment of sufficient diversification to manage portfolio volatility.


Portfolio monitoring

Weekly monitoring, mark-to-market of clients’ portfolios over the life of the investment. Monitoring of coupon payments and cash flows.


Underlying securities

At FCMB Asset Management, we have a strong preference for underlying securities where our position as an experienced African investment firm has given us insight into, and familiarity with, the various US dollar instruments. These include Sovereign, Supranational, Agency and Corporate debt issues.


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