"Vision without borders"

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FCMB Asset Management was established in 1997 to provide wealth and investment management services to individual and institutional clients, globally. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSL Stockbrokers Limited, a member of FCMB Group plc. CSL Stockbrokers has existed for more than thirty years and is one of the top stockbroking companies in Nigeria. FCMB Group PLC is a leading financial services institution in Nigeria and one of the top eight lenders in the country.


We offer a professional wealth and investment management service. Our vision is not restricted by geography, and we are able to provide fund management solutions across asset classes, markets and currencies. 


Our goal is to understand the specific needs of clients, so that we can develop solutions that are customised to meet those requirements. We have a team of seasoned professionals who have several years’ experience. Our team will provide the support you need right from the beginning of the process to the end.

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